Welcome to The Preacher’s Library

Thanks for visiting The Preacher’s Library. This site has been in the works for a very long time. All posts are by Laurence M. Vance.

Two bookshelves from the library of Laurence M. Vance

I encourage you to begin by reading the About TPL and About LmV information. The titles, authors, and publishers links in the menu will eventually contain an A-Z list by title, author, and publisher of all books mentioned on this site aside from my own.  Reviews by LmV contains a list of all of the publishers of the books I have reviewed, all of the publications where my reviews have appeared, and, eventually, an A-Z list by title of all books I have reviewed going back about 25 years. Books by LmV contains a list of the 35 books I have written and published as well as a link to my business website, vancepublications.com. The Contact page is just what you would expect. The Donate page is self-evident, but explains why it is there.