The Politics of the Revised Version

The first widely distributed and accepted modern version of the Bible was the Revised Version. The New Testament was issued first, in 1881, followed by the Old Testament with the New in 1885. Beginning with the publication of the New Testament, and continuing for several years, various books were issued in defense of the new Bible. Some of these touched on the history of the Revised Version, like Lectures on Bible Revision (Hodder & Stoughton, 1881), by Samuel Newth (1821-1898), one of the translators. If you are interested in a very scholarly, extremely detailed history of the translation of the Revised Version (written without an agenda), based in part on newly available material from the Westcott family archives, then The Politics of the Revised Version: A Tale of Two New Testament Revision Companies (T & T Clark, 2019) is your book. You can view the table of contents and the publisher’s description on the back cover here. I found the book fascinating. Although it contains much info on the role of Westcott and Hort, it also discusses the views and actions of many of the other translators.