Voice and Mood: A Linguistic Approach

The first volume to be published in the new Essentials of Biblical Greek Grammar series is Voice and Mood: A Linguistic Approach, by David L. Mathewson (Baker Academic, 2021). The author is associate professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary. As expected, the book is divided into two parts, voice and mood, each with three chapters, all sandwiched between a brief but valuable introduction and conclusion. The book also contains a bibliography and author, Scripture, and subject indexes. Every part of the book is interesting and informative. The writing is crisp and clear. The highlight of the first part is the discussions of the middle voice, deponency, and the relationship between the middle and passive voices. The highlight of the second part is the discussion of the imperative mood. The author is a master of his subject. The book is essential for serious study of the Greek voices and moods, and serves as a corrective to erroneous and incomplete information found in older grammars of New Testament Greek.